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Welcome to P3!! 

Pimpette's Pleasure Palace is a group of friendly, helpful, mature players who have a lot of fun with the game.  We founded shortly after AoC was released and have been splitting skulls across Hyborea ever since.  Our guild city is located in Poitain, Aquilonia and we have nearly completed all T3 buildings. 

P3 is drama and hassle free and people are encouraged to develop their own play style.  We like to socialize and help each other advance while having a good time.  Our members cover all classes of characters and are spread across all levels.  New or casual players are welcomed and supported and however much time is available to play is fine.

So...  if you're interested in some frenzied funs and a bit of wanton violence, look for us ingame to group or guild, or leave us a message on the site!

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